Use SQL Developer Web

You will have seem in a previous post, how you can connect to your Oracle Always Free Autonomous Database using SQL Developer.

The Oracle Always Free accounts also comes with a Web versions of SQL Developer. This means you don’t have to use the client install of SQL Developer.

To use SQL Developer Web, there is a little setup to do first.

Log into your Oracle Cloud account and go to your Autonomous Database. Then open the Service Console and from the the Development section.

Click on SQL Developer Web.

In my previous posts I’ve mentioned two schemas. There is the ADMIN schema, which is automatically created for you when the database is created. I also showed creating a second schema, DEV_USER, and showed how to connect to it using the client version of SQL Developer.

To allow you to use SQL Developer Web for the DEV_USER, you need to first log into the ADMIN user in SQL Developer Web.


In the SQL WorkSheet, enter the following command. This will REST enable the DEV_USER schema and in turn allow you to log into SQL Developer Web using DEV_USER. You will need to perform this command for each additional database user/schema you create.

     p_enabled => TRUE,
     p_schema => 'schema-name',
     p_url_mapping_type => 'BASE_PATH',
     p_url_mapping_pattern => 'schema-alias',
     p_auto_rest_auth => TRUE

Next, log out of the ADMIN user and log in as the DEV_USER schema.

The URL to access SQL Developer Web, and log into it, had the following format

NOTE: Your URL will look similar.

You will need to edit this URL to replace admin with dev_user. For example,

You can now log into SQL Developer Web and start using it.