L2 – Resources & Cheat Sheet

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The following contains links to some resources that you may find useful for learning Python.

Let me know if you find any other useful Python programming websites or examples. I can add the them to this webpage.


Python Data Science Handbook (on Github)

Python for Data Analysis (2nd Edition)

powerful Python data analysis toolkit

Check out the NSA Python Training Course (Large file, 400pages)

Jupyter Notebook Plugins

Some useful plugins to make working with Jupyter Notebooks easier

Cheat Sheets

Python Basics for Data Science
Python Basics

Python for Data Science (Using Keras library)
Python for Data Science

PySpark Library for Python
PySpark Library

Pandas in Python



Learn Python the hard way
Python 3 tutorial
Python programming examples
Learn Python
Official tutorial on Python.org


Damian Gordon video lectures on Introduction to Python Programming


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