Oracle Always Free Setup

At Oracle Open World 2019, Oracle announced a Free version of their Autonomous Database offerings.

But you don’t just get a Free database, you get two Autonomous (Transaction or Data Warehouse or one of each) with each having 1 OCPU (2 CPUs) and up to 20G of data. That is plenty of space for the vast majority of developers.

In addition to these two databases you also get in addition,

  • two virtual machines with 1/8 OCPU and 1 GB memory each
  • Two Block Volumes instances, 100 GB total. 10 GB Object Storage. 10 GB Archive Storage
  • load Balancer, 1 instance, 10 Mbps bandwidth. Monitoring, 500 million ingestion datapoints, 1 billion retrieval datapoints. Notifications, 1 million delivery options per month, 1,000 emails sent per month. Outbound Data Transfer, 10 TB per month

NOTE: The above lists what was available as of 16th Sept, 2019.

Each of the Autonomous Database comes with SQL Developer Web, Oracle Machine Learning, APEX.

You also get $300 of free cloud credits. These can be used to try some of the other Oracle Cloud services.


There are lots of tutorials available on how to setup and configure various features of the Free-Tier.

Create your Account

Go to the Sign-up webpage.

Enter your Email Address and your Country, then click the next button.

Enter your Account Details

Enter details for

  • Cloud Account Name – create a unique name for your account. Make sure you will remember it
  • Home Region – Pick the location for your data centre
  • First Name + Surname
  • You address, City, Zip/Postal Code
  • County
  • Country/Territory
  • Mobile Phone Number

And then click the ‘Next: Verify Mobile Number’ button.

Oracle will send a verification code to you mobile phone. Enter the number and click next.

Create a Password

Enter and re-enter your password. Check the rules for the mixture of numbers, letters, upper/lower case and special characters allowed.

Enter Payment Details

Although your account will be FREE, you still need to enter a credit card number. This is just an additional verification step. You credit card will not be charged.

After entering your credit card, click on the check box and then the ‘Complete’ button.

All done!

Log into Oracle Cloud

Enter your email address for the User Name and the Password

After logging in you will get the following screen.