Load the HR tables and data into your schema
The following files contain the tables and data from an HR databases. You should download each of these files to your computer and then load them into your schema. This will create new tables in your schema and populate them with some data.

Download the following files

Run the following in SQL Developer to create the tables and insert the records

@<location where your file is saved>\hr_cre.sql
@<location where your file is saved>\hr_popul.sql
@<location where your file is saved>\hr_idx.sql
@<location where your file is saved>\hr_code.sql
@<location where your file is saved>\hr_comnt.sql

If you need to remove these tables run the following
@<location where your file is saved>\hr_drop.sql

Here is a description of the tables.

The following is the ER Diagram for the HR tables.

Your Oracle Schema should look like the following

Go to the following online tutorial and complete all the SQL queries
Then go to the ‘Querying the HR Schema’ section and complete this section.
You have already loaded this data into your schema in the previous task.