MSc Working with Data

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Important: You will need to perform additional reading and research (outside of class time) to complete the various lab exercises and to explore the topics covered in more detail.

*** Module Introduction & Admin – Notes

IMPORTANT:  We will be using a database hosted on the cloud. This means you will be able to access it from anywhere. Details of how to connect to it will be given during the first week, along with your login details. This will be an Oracle Database, and if you want you can go create your own cloud database using their Oracle Free Tier.

To access the database you will need to use Oracle SQL Developer. You will need to download this onto your own laptop/PC. Make sure you download and unzip Oracle SQL Developer.  If possible download the version that includes JDK (the first one in the list).  There is no install required. Just download the software, unzip it and it is ready to use.  This needs to be completed before the first class.

Week of/begin
 Full-time & Part-time Students
Module Introduction & Admin
26th Oct.
Bank Holiday Monday – Review Week – No Class

Classes Start Next Week

2nd Nov
 Introduction to Databases and SQL
9th Nov
More SQL, Loading Data, Transforming Data
16th Nov
Analytical SQL Functions
23rd Nov
Procedural SQL using PL/SQL

Assignment Handout

30th Nov
In-Database Data Mining

Work on Assignment

7th Dec
No Class – Work on Assignment
14th Dec
Work on Assignment

Updated/Changed: Assignment due 3rd January @23:00