Overview of this Lecture / week

This week we will look at the first of the machine learning methods associated with Data Mining. Most people have a loyalty card from some retail chain. Association Rule Mining is used to analyse your purchases and can then be used to inform the retail chain on what products sell together.


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Videos of Notes

Lab Exercises

Exercise 1

Make sure you have completed all the previous SAS Enterprise Miner lab exercises before you start this lab

Click here to download lab notes for Association Rule Mining.

The following video shows the steps to follow to load the data and to run the Association Rule Mining node. [Up to page 4 of the lab notes]

Exercise 2

Complete the Association Rules example using Python.

Exercise 3 (Optional)

Take the R code in the notes to build the Association Rules model for the Titanic data set.

You can find the Titanic data set on this website. Scroll down the page to fine the Titanic data set.

Additional Reading Materials

DM Review Article on Market Basket Analysis

Tan Book Chapter

ACM paper on Association Mining

Download Free Books from SAS on Analytics, Machine Learning, Enterprise Miner and Data Science

Data Science Cheat Sheets