FAQ for Advanced Databases

FAQ for Advanced Databases module

This page will contain Questions I’ve received about the module, the topics, labs, and assignment.

As we don’t have face-to-face classes, it can be challenging for students to ask questions. If we had typical class and lab time, students would be able to ask questions in an informal way. This helps them to get a better understanding of what we cover during the semester.

This FAQ attempts to address our new challenges in an online world where we don’t have those dynamic interactions.

Students can contact me with their questions. I will attempt to respond promptly with answers. To assist with knowledge sharing with the whole class, I will post the questions I receive on this page, along with the answers. [The names of the student asking the question will not be listed]

IMPORTANT: When I say, I will attempt to respond promptly, it means I will endeavor to respond within a day or two of getting the question. If I don’t respond as quickly as you would like, just remember I have other classes, task and roles to perform each day. If I haven’t responded with three days, then Yes Please get onto me and Gently remind me 🙂

If you see a week with No questions, that means no one asked me a question.

IMPORTANT: It is important that students check this page regularly for new Q&A. There will be no notices posted to the class group when new Q&A are added.

Week 0 – Course Admin

Week 1 – Introduction


Assignment A

Q: When will the list of topics for Assignment A be given out?

A: The topics will be allocated in week 3 during the class. I will use the R language to randomly allocate the topics to students.

Q: Is there a particular format for the report or is there info on brightspace? Eg. should it read like an academic review-paper?

A: No particular format. You can decided what way you want to format the report. Use the simplest form for you to use!  You aren’t being marked on format, just the content. Keep it simple!

Q: Can I record a video of my demonstration, and play it ?  Do I need to submit the video with my assignment submission?

Yes you can record a video of your demonstration. This can include a voice over.  Yes you will need to submit it with your assignment submission.

For your live presentation, you can play this video but turn down the sound. You can give live commentary for the video.

All parts of your presentation need to be live, as in you need to present/talk for all of the presentation time. Video can only be used for demonstrations, which will be <50% of your presentation time

Q: Can I record a video of my presentation and play that for my schedule time?

No. All presentations have to be given live, showing slides, you talking and engaging in discussion, etc.

Assignment B