MSc Advanced Databases

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Important: You will need to perform additional reading and research (outside of class time) on each topic. A number of lab exercises will be given and it is expected that these will be completed. You may need to complete additional research to complete these.

*** Module Introduction & Admin – Notes

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Week of/begin
 Lecture Topic
21st Sept
Introduction class & module overview

Review of Database & Database Management, and their role in Enterprises

Assignment A – Handout

28th Sept
Alternative and NoSQL Databases

Full-time Students : All students to notify me if they are completing Assignment A in pairs (and the other person name) or individually. Sent me an email confirming individual or group (with names and student numbers) members by Monday 5th October @13:00.

Part-time Students : Assignment A is an individual assessment.

5th Oct
Distributed Databases

Assignment A – Lottery of research topics

12th Oct
Query Optimization – Part 1
19th Oct
Query Optimization – Part 2
26th Oct
Bank Holiday
Work on Completing Assignment A
2nd Nov
Guest Lecture – Advanced SQL Functionality – by Chris Saxon (AskTOM)
Assignment B – Handout
9th Nov
Database Security

Assignment A – Due Friday 13th November

16th Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentation – Presentations will be on Teams – See BrightSpace for link
Please test your microphone, video and connection in advance of the scheduled presentations.Part-time Student Schedule
Full-time Student Schedule
23rd Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentation– Presentations will be on Teams – See BrightSpace for link
30th Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentation– Presentations will be on Teams – See BrightSpace for link

Complete work on Assignment B

7th Dec
No Class – Work on Assignment B

Updated/Changed Assignment B – Due Wednesday 23rd December @23:00

14th Dec
Study & Revision

Assignment marking. I will endeavor to have assignment A marked before Christmas.
Due to the short turn around time, this may not be possible, and results will be available in early January.

Assignment feedback sessions can be arranged in January.

Would you interested in writing your own Database. Here is sample code for creating a basic database engine using Go Lang. And here is the blog post to step you through the code.