Managing Assignments

Managing You Assignments and Schedule

Assignments are common for most modules. Some modules will have multiple assignments in addition to examinations. Sometimes students can feel overwhelmed with the number of assignments and constantly ask for extensions, and complain about the assignment schedule for their programme of studies. Actually, this is very common, but from the teaching side of things, lots of care has been put into creating the assignments and the schedule.

Managing your assignments and more importantly your assignment schedule is a very important task every student needs to do. Start you assignments when they are given and continuously work on them until the submission date. If you do this, you will be fine and not get too stressed by you assignment workload. But if you only start working on an assignment a few days (or even a few hours) before the assignment is due, you will find it very difficult to complete each assignment to a satisfactory level. You are just making things more stressful than they should be.

If you are given four weeks to work on an assignment, it is expected you will be continuously working on it for those four weeks, along with maybe two, three, four or more assignments.

The following notes, video and check list are based on a talk I’ve given to students about managing your assignment schedule.

Download the notes from here.


Always include the following when submitting an assignment

      • Full Name, should be same as Name on Student Card
      • Student Number
      • Programme Code
      • Full-Time or Part-Time
      • What Stream are you doing
      • Year of Student