Create a Database

After creating your Always Free account, the next step is to create your Oracle Autonomous Database.

Go to and ‘Sign in to Cloud’ account. Don’t forget your Oracle Tenant name and the username and password you used when creating your account.

Next you need to choose which type of Database you want to create. You need to choose between the Autonomous Transaction Process (ATP) or the Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) databases.

For most scenarios the ATP Database will be more than sufficient. Click on it to start the installation process.

On the Create Autonomous Database configuration page enter values for

  • Display Name
  • Database Name (maybe keep this the same as Display Name)
  • Click to enable the Always Free configuration
  • Password for the Database Administrator user (DBA)

Then click on the Create Autonomous Database button at the bottom of the webpage.

Oracle will now go off an create/provision your database environment. This will take a couple of minutes

After a couple of minutes you will see the following screen

There are only buttons on the above screen that are of initial interest to you. These are

  • DB Connection
  • Service Console

Check out the next post, where I will show how to use these and to connect to the Database.