Here are the details for connecting to the Oracle Database Server in the School of Computing.

NOTE: this Database Server is only available when you are connected to the DIT network, via direct network connection, wifi or VPN.

Students will be assigned a schema/user name and password by their lecturer. This will be given to the student in class.

Database Connection Details

Schema/User name :   <assigned by lecturer>
Password :                   <assigned by lecturer>
Connection Type :       Basic
Role :                           default
Host Name :      
Port :                           1521
Service Name : 

NB: These same details can be used to setup a ODBC/JDBC etc connection your schema in the database.

NB: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Change your Password

Type the following command

alter user <username> identified by <new_password>;

Download and Setup SQL Developer

SQL Developer is the client software you need to use to access the database and run your SQL code. This is a free tool and needs to be downloaded and unzipped on your laptop/desktop. There is no install. Just unzip and it is ready to use.

SQL Developer is installed on all lab PCs.

To download SQL Developer go to the Download Page.

Click on the ‘Accept License’ radio button.

Then download the version of SQL Developer that has the JDK built into it.

After downloading the file, unzip it.

Then go to the unzipped folder and run the ‘sqldeveloper.exe’ file

More details about the tool can be found on the SQL Developer webpage.

Creating a Connection using SQL Developer

After starting SQL Developer, you will need to create a connection to the database.

Click on the green plus icon on the top left of the tool

A Connections window will open.

Enter your Database Connection details (see detail at top of this page)

Click on the Test button to see if you have entered the details correctly.  If you get an error, then you have not entered the details correctly.

Click the Save button to save the connection details.

Finally, click the Connect button to make the database connection and open a SQL Worksheet

Video – Creating a Connect using SQL Developer

Check out links to SQL and PL/SQL tutorials.

Demo Code

create table t_demo (
t_id number primary key,
t_name varchar2(20) not null,
t_address varchar2(50),
t_DOB Date );

insert into t_demo (t_id, t_name, t_address, t_DOB)
values (1, 'Student Name', 'Dublin', to_date('01/02/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY'));