Overview of this Lecture / week

In this weeks class we will look at how the EU GDPRs has and will be affecting the use of Machine Learning, Data Science and Predictive Analytics.

All the material for this class is online, and there will be no in-class lecture for this topic. Review the notes, the video and the additional reading to get full picture of this topic.

In addition to this topic and the EU GDPRs, the area of Ethics is important. Most of the machine learning related articles in the EU GDPRs is really about Ethics and treating personal data in an appropriate manager.

Although EU GDPR is a law imposed by the EU, it is not just for companies based in Europe. It affect all companies, in every country around the world, that stores or processes data of people who are in the EU.

Additionally there are lots of countries who are looking at implementing and following the EU GDPRs. These include Australia, Canada, etc and even the USA are considering it.

That means the EU GDPRs and its impact on machine learning etc is very important.


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Videos of Notes

Lab Exercises

There are no lab exercises for this topics, but there are some exercises for you to do.

  1. Check out the reading list below and make sure you read most of these. You will find that there may be some confusion on what the implications of the laws really mean. But by reading lots of these articles will keep you informed and updated.
  2. Additional lab time can be used to work on the assignment, which is due in a few weeks.

Other Videos

60 Minutes Article and Video : Facial and emotional recognition; how one man is advancing artificial intelligence

<iframe src=”https://www.cbsnews.com/video/60-minutes-ai-facial-and-emotional-recognition-how-one-man-is-advancing-artificial-intelligence-tried-to-block-60-minutes/” id=”cbsNewsVideo” frameborder=”0″ width=”620″ height=”349″></iframe>

Additional Reading Materials

EU GDPR  Document
EU GDPR website
Doing Good with Data Science – Mike Loukides, Hilary Mason & DJ Patil
Ethical Data Science Is Good Data Science – Steve Touw
Ethics must be at centre of AI technology

The Institute of Ethical AI & Machine Learning
EU GDPR Guidelines for determining whether processing is “likely to result in a high risk” for the purposes of Regulation 2016/679
GDPR and You website
My blog posts on EU GDPR and ML
EU GDPR – The GDPR and all that

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