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*** Module Introduction & Admin – Notes

Week of/begin
 Lecture Topic
17th Sept
 Introduction to Data Mining, Machine Learning and Data Science
24th Sept
 Data Mining / Data Science Life-cycle, Why it is different and the challenges
1st Oct
 Descriptive Analytics and Preparing Data
8th Oct
 Exploring Text & Basics of Text Mining
15th Oct
 Association Rule Analysis

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22nd Oct
No Class this week. Catch up week

Self study, revision, complete all exercises, etc

29th Oct
5th Nov

 Assignment Handout

12th Nov
 Finish Classification – see previous weeks notes

Data Clustering

19th Nov
 The EU GDPR and Machine Learning/Data Science
26th Nov
Deployment issues
   Data Visualisation
Ensemble Models
Automated & Autonomous Data Science
Other Data Mining/Data Science Project topics
3rd Dec
Assignment Due at end of this week.

No Class – Use the class and lab time to work on completing your assignment. You can work from home

I will endeavor to have assignment marks and a short feedback comment entered into WebCourses before Christmas.

If you would like to schedule a face-to-face feedback session in early January, email me.

10th Dec
Study & Revision
No Class
Assignment marking and feedback (by end of this week or end of next week)

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