Here is the schedule for the part-time students

Monday 12th November : 18:30-19:00  Gary O’Regan          Google Big Query
Monday 12th November : 19:00-19:30  Roxana Nita             Azure ComosDB
Monday 12th November : 19:30-20:00  Shane Quaid            Cloudera Kudu
Monday 12th November : 20:10-20:40  Stephen Clifford       Impala vs Drill vs Dremel vs Google Big Query etc
Monday 12th November : 20:40-21:10  Victor Zacchi            Hive vs others
Monday 19th November : 18:30-19:00  Sean Mullen             Graph Data in Neoj4 vs Oracle Databases
Monday 19th November : 19:00-19:30  Xiaoli Liu                  Amazon Aurora
Monday 19th November : 19:30-20:00  Dafei Wang              When to use MongDB and when not to
Monday 19th November : 20:10-20:40  Fiona Leonard          Aerospike and Scylla
Monday 19th November : 20:40-21:10  Audrey Leonard       In-Memory Databases vs the Hybrid Approaches. Fact vs Fiction
Monday 26th November : 18:30-19:00  Emmanual Victorio  Google Bigtables
Monday 26th November : 19:00-19:30  Bruno Franco          Spark vs Flint and whatever is next
Monday 26th November : 19:30-20:00  Afshin Mehrabani              Google Spanner
Monday 26th November : 20:10-20:40  Student14               Temporal / Point in Time Queries
Monday 26th November : 20:40-21:10  Student15               Apache Kudu vs Apache Parquet