Here is the presentation schedule for the full-time students.

Tuesday 13th November : 14:00-14:25  Sripad Kowshik Subramanyam  The rise of MariaDB? Why has it happened? What next?
Tuesday 13th November : 14:25-14:50  Anirudda Waradka      Aerospike and Scylla
Tuesday 13th November : 14:50-15:15  Naveen Raja                Amazon Athena
Tuesday 13th November : 15:30-15:55  Sharath Babu              Using Containers for Database Servers
Tuesday 13th November : 15:55-16:20  Sohini Das                   SQL on Hadoop: All the various options
Tuesday 13th November : 16:20-16:45  Darshan Shet              Processing streaming data using Kafka and others (a comparison)
Tuesday 20th November : 14:00-14:25  Vincent Guijarro          Amazon Aurora
Tuesday 20th November : 14:25-14:50  Julien Le Guillant        Storing and processing JSON in a Database
Tuesday 20th November : 14:50-15:15  Thibaut Roudel           Columnar Databases for Big Data (e.g. HBase etc)
Tuesday 20th November : 15:30-15:55  Hugh Gallagher           Hive vs others
Tuesday 20th November : 15:55-16:20  Ruiqi Li                        Google Bigtables
Tuesday 20th November : 16:20-16:45  Charlotte McCarthy    Impala vs Drill vs Dremel vs Google Big Query etc
Tuesday 27th November : 14:00-14:25  Mrigank Shekhar        Google Big Query
Tuesday 27th November : 14:25-14:50  Savinay Vijay              Temporal / Point in Time Queries
Tuesday 27th November : 14:50-15:15  Netra Jayakumar        Google Spanner
Tuesday 27th November : 15:30-15:55  sai saketh                   In-Memory Databases vs the Hybrid Approaches. Fact vs Fiction
Tuesday 27th November : 15:55-16:20  Maria Sussan             Graph Data in Neoj4 vs Oracle Databases
Tuesday 27th November : 16:20-16:45  Mitesh Gosavi            Google Spanner