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Important: You will need to perform additional reading and research (outside of class time) on each topic. A number of lab exercises will be given and it is expected that these will be completed. You may need to complete additional research to complete these.

*** Module Introduction & Admin – Notes


Week of/begin
 Lecture Topic
17th Sept
Introduction class & module overview

Review of Database & Database Management, and their role in Enterprises

Assignment A – Handout

24th Sept
Database Planning, Design and Modeling

Assignment A – Lottery of research topics

1st Oct
More Database Modeling

Alternative and NoSQL Databases

8th Oct
Query Optimization – Part 1
15th Oct
Query Optimization – Part 2

Assignment B – Handout

22nd Oct
Database Security

This topic will be covered online using videos and exercises.

No in-class lecture this week

29th Oct
Bank Holiday

Self-study & work on assignments A & B

5th Nov
Distributed Databases
12th Nov
Assignment A – Due 9th November
Assignment A – Student PresentationsPart-time Student Schedule
Full-time Student Schedule
19th Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentations
26th Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentations

In-class group discussion based on topics covered in presentations.

We will examine the different topics, discuss theory very reality, marketing vs hype, etc. and place where the different topics fit within enterprises of today and the future.

3rd Dec
No Class

Assignment B – Due
Assignment marking and feedback.
I will endeavor to have assignment marks and a short feedback comment entered into WebCourses before Christmas.
If you would like to schedule a face-to-face feedback session in early January, email me.

10th Dec
Study & Revision
No Class. Assignment marking and feedbackI have an Open Assignment Clinic (Q&A) scheduled for the following dates.

Monday 10th December 16:00-17:00 – I will be in my office during this time.
Monday 10th December 18:30-20:00 in room KA-1-015. This clinic is for all my modules i.e. other classes and modules will be attending during this time period.

Come along if you have specific questions regarding your assignment results.

17th Dec
Study & Revision
I will endeavor to have all assignments marked and returned in Webcourses.
You will receive a mark and a short comment on each submitted assignment.
. Assignment feedback sessions. Monday 7th January 11:00-12:30