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Important: You will need to perform additional reading and research (outside of class time) on each topic. A number of lab exercises will be given and it is expected that these will be completed. You may need to complete additional research to complete these.


Week of/begin
 Lecture Topic
17th Sept
Introduction class & module overview

Review of Database & Database Management, and their role in Enterprises

Assignment A – Handout

24th Sept
Database Planning, Design and Modeling

Assignment A – Lottery of research topics

1st Oct
More Database Modeling

Alternative and NoSQL Databases

Assignment B – Handout

8th Oct
Query Optimization – Part 1
15th Oct
Query Optimization – Part 2
22nd Oct
Database Security
29th Oct
Bank Holiday

Self-study & work on assignments A & B

Assignment B – Due

5th Nov
Distributed Databases
12th Nov
Assignment A – Due

Assignment A – Student Presentations

19th Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentations
26th Nov
Assignment A – Student Presentations
3rd Dec
No Class
Assignment marking and feedbackI will endeavor to have assignment marks and a short feedback comment entered into WebCourses before Christmas.
If you would like to schedule a face-to-face feedback session in early January, email me.
10th Dec
Study & Revision
No ClassAssignment marking and feedback
17th Dec
Study & Revision
I will endeavor to have all assignments marked and returned in Webcourses.
You will receive a mark and a short comment on each submitted assignment.